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What If Civil Attorneys Are Part Of The Mafia?

The family court system is getting corrupt and custody is being sold to abusive parents and the likes. Follow the money trail and all the players in your case and you will find so much corruption. When you start researching the players in your case, you will learn some interesting information about them.

Watch Amazing Polly videos to learn how to do this, but in your own case.

When a mother discovered her former spouse purchased custody of her children from the Guardian Ad litem and her spouse, the vice president of a bank, she shared her information with the her local media. Her information was swept right under the table. The mom realized just three days after contacting the media, her friend was killed in a house fire. No one believed the friend died of smoke inhalation. He was going after the same people the mom was dealing with and researching everyone in his cases. The mom started being followed, even when she moved to another state.

By freak accident, the mother was talking with a female friend about her discovery and her friend being killed in a house fire. The female friend told her that the same attorney, in her case, represented a father whose wife committed suicide during their divorce. Everyone was suspicious because the mother did not appear suicidal.

If you are going to follow the money trail, be ready to follow a trail of death that leads to your attorney!

The mother then wondered if her former spouse’s gay attorney was part of a gang. With people showing up dead, she wondered. The mom started researching about gangs. Where did gangs originate from? Chicago! One of the first gangs created was for gay men! The county court was four hours away from Chicago!!!!!!

Stop and think about this for a minute. In the 70’s, what judge would give a gay father visitation rights of his children, let alone custody? Wouldn’t gang members want to take over family court so they could get custody of their children? To get gay marriages approved, the mafia would need to take over the higher courts as well! So, they started at the bottom and worked their way straight to the top until gay marriages were legal.

The mom thought it was safe to assume that the gay mafia has taken over family court!

Then one day while researching on the FBI website, she read a report of gangs laundering money through attorney offices. Be careful of those people who sound crazy, they just might be sane. Attorney being part of the mafia is part of the reason we made a membership site. It was not just about keep out abusive parents but hopefully some of the criminals. Check out

For more research check out the following information:

The Rise Of Criminally Minded Family/CPS Courts In America. :the destruction of millions of American children by Patricia Mitchell of Patricia’s Children INC.

Using the Saunders Report – Part One. The University of Michigan, the state where this mother’ case is, received a grant to look into the family court system. At this time, there was a high rate of children committing suicide in Michigan as well. Studies were being done to find out why this was happening. We will give you one guess!!!

(Not everyone who is gay is in the mafia by the way, but the mother in this article, her former spouse’s mother and sister are lesbians.)

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