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United States Government Failing The People

Experiences that overwhelm a person’s ability to cope is known as trauma. Trauma can include adverse childhood experiences such as the divorce of parents, abuse (sexual, physical, and emotional), neglect, witnessing parents struggle with mental illness or substance use, facing ongoing and systemic discrimination, or being torture in the family court system.

Parents and children are being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from the family court system.

Living through uncertainty is also traumatic, just as returning home from combat can be. Parents who leave abusive relationships believe their children and them will be safe with the help of family court. Instead, they find that system is anything but. Between the judge’s orders that are neglect of the situation and the contracted organizations failure to help, the United States have billions of traumatized people. Parents never know what is going to happen the next time they go to court. What they do know is their children are not being protected and the court is not providing justice.

When people get traumatized by the mail, you know they are in a system that is traumatizing them.

Parents have a fear of going into family court. If you know your system is corrupt and you cannot trust anyone in the system, do you really want to open the mail and find out what the next game being played will be. Parents get mail from the courts for child support, notices of programs to attend, summons by the judge, another hearing filed by the other party, and Friend of The Court (FOC) updates. Since these cases go on for years, they will receive a lot of mail. Parents must find a certain time and place to open the mail and read it so they can be prepared to be traumatized some more.

The day of court, parents are physically ill from having to go into such a cruel chamber of horrors call a judge’s courtroom.

Parents are threatened to be thrown in jail by judges. If they speak out on social media, they are gag order to not talk about the case. Talking can help a parent process abuse, but not if they are gaged by the judge, they can be thrown in jail for doing so. One of the treatments for people who are traumatized is talk therapy. When a parent joins a group with other parents that is going through a similar situation, it can help the parent relieve anxiety. Imagine being a parent already traumatized, then worry about being jailed if they talk about their case. When parents and children commit suicide because of a government agency, clearly the system is a failure.

Individuals feel frustrated when their court cases drag on for years, remain unchanged, no justice, and thousands of dollars spend with no resolve of the situation.

Attorneys drag out these cases until one of the players is all out of money. Then they abandon the parent with no money and off to use another family to gain as much money as possible. The parent can only find assistant of another attorney with up front charges being paid or going pro se. Family law attorneys need to have hourly pay, be subjected to one issue of circumstance, and only be allowed in the judicial branch of government. If the government would regulate the cost of litigation and have a set procedure that can be followed in the system, the abuse of litigation would be reduced drastically.

Why are there no research studies being done on the family court system of failure?

Research of cases that cost over $10,000 and continue for more than two years could provide a lot of in site on these cases and why the family court is failing. Having a system that investigates itself takes years of study, lots of grant funding of the people’s money, and never has outcomes that make a huge difference in that government entity. This is a billion-dollar industry that is failing parent and children. This means the government is failing the people.

How do lawyers and contracted employees of the court, just not care about children and parents being abused or committing suicide?

Are mandated reporters failing to report or the agency that receive the reports failing to do their job! Then again, we know the reporting agency is run by the same government body that runs the family court system, the voting system, and the sheriff department. So, why is there no studies being done on the county commissioners’ ability to run effective government? A failing billion dollar a year government agency and no one is investigating the issues.

The United States has an entire corrupt system of government, and no studies being done as to where the issues lie.

If has been found that task forces do little to get to the root cause of government issues, find the illegal activities that are happening, and bring justice to victims. Instead, the task force just sweeps the issues under the table and twenty years later a new department is created. Just look at the Michigan’s task force on Probate court and the guardian issues of the elderly currently doing nothing. Look at the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission and the 15 years or more it took to get a commission.

Impunity Of Court Contractors Produces Loss Of Credibility In The Family court System

A Deeper Look At No Touch Torture Technique Mobbing, Used By Family Court

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