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Tortured Children Being Groomed To Hate The Protective Parent!

Updated: May 4, 2021

When a parent does not want to pay child support or they are continuing to punish a parent, they will stop at nothing to gain custody of the children. The do not care if they are hurting them physical or mentally. The games that are played are many and the parent with the most money, the courts will allow to torture the protective parent and ignore their concerns of the child being harmed. The judge wants the abusive parent to torture the protective parent to wear them down and sell custody.

Abusive parents will call protection services and have others call as well.

The abusive parent will play the victim and get others to believe their story. Concerned people will call protective services and report the protective parent. The typical calls made in one care are around 50. When the protective parent calls for legitimate concerns, they are told by the agency they are trying to get back at the other parent. Protection services will hold the protective parent with custody to an extremely high standard and allow the abusive parent to do as they want. Abusive parents are known to not provided medication to kids, not return them on time, not return them to mental health facilities, and the list goes on and on. They are never charged with medical neglect or anything. If the abusive parent does not respond to them, they just drop the concerns. This is all part of the mobbing technique used by the court. This is all part of a harassing technique on the part of the abusive parent.

The abusive parent will go against all the protective parents rules at their home.

This is part of the parental alienation syndrome that takes place. These abusive parents want to be the “fun parent” on their time with their kids. They will let them stay up late, let the kids watch Stephen King movies and other adult content. They will create names to bond with the kids as well. Little man, daddy’s special girl, buddy, pals, etc.…. Once they gain custody though the children will learn who the parent really is.

When protective services are in the case, the protective parent feels powerless.

The abusive parent dose not have to answer for anything they do since they are not the custodial parent. All the responsibility is placed on the protective parent. The protective parents are concerned because they do not want their children removed from them. One wrong thing that could happen and they are held responsible. When their children are acting out because the abusive parent is manipulating them to, the protective parents are frustrated and even afraid of displacing their kids out of fear. The kids will misbehave even more because they can tell the parent is being lenient on consequences out of fear of the consequences being used against them.

The children are groomed to misbehave and act up for the protective parent.

Telling an older child in the family he is the man of the house when at mom’s house. Letting the kids know mom’s rules are stupid and let them watch scary movies. The children watch their abusive parent lie and manipulate the protective parent, and then get upset when they cannot lie to the protective and get punished for doing so.

Information is paired with positive reinforcements.

Before the divorce, the children may have little disagreements, but when the groom starts the children are put against each other. The kids will fight with each other and misbehave for the protective parent, and fight for attention and having fun with the abusive parent. The abusive parent will withhold love, affection, and fun if they do not provide information regarding the protective parent. The more info they provide the more fun they will get to have. The children have no clue they are being manipulated to provide information.

Parent reads court documents to children trying to make the other parent look bad.

Reading court document to your children puts them in the middle of the situation. Children should not be in the middle and court document confuses kids. Children do not understand legal talk and if they know something is not right that the courts are doing, it will confuse them more. If the courts are not honest, neither is their orders and information provided in them. Some parents think that if they read the court documents in front of a therapist it is ok. This is never ok!

Children put on a controlled substance will not be give the medication while visiting with the abusive parent.

When a controlled medication is not provided, the child’s behaviors are “up and down.” When the medication is not given for two days for the weekend visitation, the medication is out of the child’s system and they have behavior issues for two days until the medication stabilizes once again. Children who are told by the abusive parent they do not need the medication, they will refuse to take it. If the protective parent does not get the child to take the medication, they are held responsible and medical neglect charges filed, but not when the abusive parent does not provide the medication. The agency will use the fact that they are not the custodial parent.

Police officers called to a domestic situation; the wrong message can be sent to kids.

When a police officer is called to the scene and the abusive parent is not held accountable, the kids think the abusive behavior is ok. When the protective parent is taken to jail and they have not committed a crime, the children become afraid and know that the police will not protect them.

Abusive parents who harm a child and the courts fail to protect sends a clear message.

The child learns that the abusive parent can do anything they want to them and no one will hold them accountable or keep them safe. The police will not help and the judge will do nothing. The protective parent is ignored and no one believe the child or the parent.

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