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Torture Trauma Therapy Response To The Article, How Judges Weaponize Mind Control- Women's Coalition

May 8, 2022, the article above (How Judges Weaponize Mind Control) was sent to women by email. The article talked about family court judges weaponizing mind control to empower fathers, alienate mothers, and silence children. They describe mind control to the destructive changing of a person’s mind by someone in a position of power.

The article describes the scientific term for mind control as “coercive persuasion” and the term used legally is “undue influence”.

It is colloquially referred to as thought reform, brainwashing, manipulation, indoctrination, programming, conversion, etc. The use of mind control is recognized in cults, sex trafficking, military ops, families, and interpersonal relationships,

They stated in the article that what hasn’t been recognized yet is the mind control concept and methodology being systematically weaponized in Family Court to facilitate switching custody from loving mothers to abusive fathers. (Pretty sure that is what Torture Trauma Therapy is all about so it has been recognized.)

Anna says, “I guess they missed the Torture Trauma Therapy articles we wrote.”

They go on to state there are two synergistic ways and means mind control is weaponized in Family Court. Accusing mother of using mind control by certain terms used. (They don’t mention these terms come from either a judge practicing psychology from the bench or from a psychologist associated with the courts.)

They state that judges order mind control be used on the children to recant abuse by the father.

Judges use deceptive terminology to disguise the fact that they are ordering mind control tactics such as reunification, deprogramming, curing alienation, treating a psychological impairment, etc.

The article goes on to state judges falsely accuse the mother of alienating the child from the father to support an order to cure the alienated child, then permit the father to alienate the child from the mother.

They compare judges to ordinary abusers by, falsely accusing the mother of doing what they themselves are doing. Torture Trauma Therapy already talked about this in their articles.

Then they state in the article that brain washing is done in a simple 3-step theory. 1: unfreeze; 2: change; 3: refreeze. The person is “unfrozen” by being broken down and made vulnerable; or “changed” through indoctrination into a new belief system and a replacing of bonds and loyalties; “refrozen” into a new “pseudo-identity”.

If you read and learn about the Stockholm syndrome, the abuser gets the victim to see their viewpoint through the manipulation of emotions.

The abuse works on the child’s emotions. They make themselves out to be the “good” parent and the mother the bad parent. The abusive father will allow the children to do the opposite of what the mother’s rules are. Thus, creating a strife between the children and the mother. If you understand parental alienation syndrome (PAS) you understand the father withholds love and affection unless the child gives them information or behaviors, they want the child to give.

The article was correct that when the children are partially or completely kept from the mother the children start to feel lonely, helpless, and powerless making them vulnerable to the mind control. The children begin to dissociate to cope with trauma. The children have two choices, to commit suicide or give in to what the father wants. (Check out: So Unloved In Custody I’d Die Everyday SUICIDE)

A cult specialist, Dr. Steven Hassan gets brought up to justify abuse tactics used on mothers.

The article talks about behavior being tightly controlled, information restricted, thoughts reformed, emotions manipulated and other tactics used in domestic violence of the mothers. They are taking old information and putting new terms to what is going on. Do we really need new terms to old information? How is anyone every going to understand what is going on if we keep changing the terms. It’s like a higher society or educated society is trying to confuse the lower class.

An explanation for all this happening, is so judges can have power, the article explains.

The writer talks about the male power but forgets there are a lot of female judges doing the same things. They go on to say getting a father to sexually assault one’s own child is the most coveted of patriarchal perks over centuries. Abuse is about power and control. Abusers will use sexual abuse to control if other means are not working. A judge does not need to get fathers to have sex with their children. Remember, money is power. If you do things for money, you have the power to do things you want including paying for sex with children.

There are two things that give a person power, well three sometimes.

Money, sex, and intelligence. Each of these power moves work on others who want them. Money can buy you nice things that most people can’t buy and make you look important. Money can buy your way out of things. Money can help you with your “lust full” desires. Sex can get people to do things for you especially if you get them hooked on having it with you. It can also be a means of getting things that a person wants like money, favors, items. Then there is intelligence of people who can see through lies, can figure out ways to frustrate what another person is doing, or play mind games. Wars are won by people who are intelligent and come up with good strategies to outsmart their enemies. Start exposing their corruption and see how fast you land in jail or better yet deceased.

The article starts out about mind control, then goes into the way abusers work, then into male power.

Not once dose this article talk about the aluminite, free masons, or other secret societies. These societies have kept men in power for a long time. The writer has no clue how these secret societies work, how they use mind control, and the mafia system or the history for that matter.

It sounds, looks, and appears like the writer read our articles and instead of giving us credit, gave their opinion, tried using different terms, and wanted to appear like they were showing others something new.

The parent movement will not change unless the focus is shifted to judges focusing on money, using torture to get it by selling custody, and parents working together. Stop stabbing others in the back in start giving credit to where credit is due.

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