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The Divorce Process Will Shock You!

Here are some things you need to know!

The family court system is out of balance and our political leaders do little to make it better. This is a billion dollar a year industry! Parents and children are being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Some parents and children take their own life because they cannot take the pain anymore.

When you start the divorce process, you go to a lawyer and disclose all of your assets. Your lawyer will size up your case and know that they can get half of those assets. Do you know who gets the other half? The other parties lawyer.

Once hired the games begin and the game rules is to get the parents to spend as much money as they can. Your lawyer will not inform you of the process, will not provide information to help your case, and will play nice.

It has been found that parents can get more done in the family court by representing themselves.

Attorneys will not play hardball or go after a judge not doing their job. If the attorney does, a child protection service agency will be knocking on their door or a relative’s door, with false allegations and take the kids. Remember the family court and child protection services are all run by the County in most states.

Once the assets are gone, the attorney will drop you like a hot potato!

When you go to get another attorney, the retainer fee will be extremely high. This is because the lawyer knows that the original attorney already got the assets and they will need to make sure they get paid for their services. If you made a complaint against your attorney, the new attorney can see that information and will not want to have a report on them for the bad service they are going to provide.

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