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Represent Yourself Because You Cannot Trust Lawyers.

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Believe it or not, representing yourself in family court is easy. Ask Deanna Kloostra, a divorce coach who represented herself with no college education for 17 years.

Deanna Kloostra said, "we now have proof, with the St Louis, Missouri scandal, just how corrupt these judges, lawyers, GALs, and psychiatrist are. I represented myself with no college education and was shocked at how easy it is!”

Deanna is known across the US for all the "extra" things she did in regards to her case. Joining her judges church, attending meetings her judge was a part of, and protesting the judge at the courthouse are just a few of the things.

"I wanted to help moms, with no money fight for their kids," said Deanna.

She created a Family Court Journal, a Family Court Motion Guide, and then she created a blog to help others. To show you how easy it is, you can get a free motion temple. Full the templet out and save as Motion Templet. When you are ready to write your motion, the first part is already done. Just go to your motion templet, do file save as, name the file, and begin. You are ready to write your first motion. Do not stress, Deanna has your back! You can buy an already created motion! Take out what does not pertain to your case, add what does pertain to your case, and file. Yep, it is that easy.

You can add more documented cases to your motion, the site even has those ready for you.

No matter if you are filling in the Civil Court, Appeals court, the Supreme Court, or the Federal Court Motions 4 Sale has you covered. Deanna says that it took her two weeks to write an appeal by scratch. Now you can write an appeal in a weekend. Just get one of documents and take out what does not pertain to your case, add what does, research for more information to add, and file. Wah la!

We love helping you tell your judge what to do! Motions 4 Sale, it's easy breezy to represent yourself in family court.

We cannot teach law, and we cannot teach you how to rebuttal in court, but we can give you a resource to do it.

If you are tired of being tortured and your children being allowed to be tortured in family court, it is time to represent yourself and fight! You can do so much more when you represent yourself. Did you know that by hiring a lawyer, you are telling the judge you cannot handle your personal affairs!

See the article, Michigan Torture Laws at TortureTraumaTherapy.Com that will explain just how you are tortured in family court. Then look up your states tortured laws. Head on over to Motions 4 Sale and start writing and filling your motion today.

See these self help tools?

  • Check out the Family Court Motion Guide if you need more assistance or reassured just how to write a motion.

  • Check out the Family Court Journal if you want to start documenting your case.

  • Check out the Pro Se Guide To Family Court on how you work the courtroom.

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