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Psychological Impact Of Family Court Torture On The Family

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

When the family is tortured in the family courts, there is a psychological impact that happens. When you go to court for justice, safety, and the best interest of your children and instead get mistreated, psychological disorders are bound to happen. Family court likes to use the best interest of the children, but reality the family courts are about the best interest of their pocket.

Can you just imagine what happens to a child who is given custody to an abuser and concealed from a protective parent?

Children are physically, mentally, and sexually abuse and the courts ignore the issues and the proof. Children go unprotected and eventually given to the abuser. The family court allows hearsay information, instead of proof, because this helps them target the protective parent while selling custody to the abusive parent. These children are usually concealed from the protective parent as well.

The children in the family court system have two choices, commit suicide or take on the Stockholm Syndrome now called Trauma Bonding. Most parents and therapist are not aware how the family court is torturing the family. So Unloved In Custody I’d Die Everyday (SUICIDE) was created to bring awareness of child suicide caused by family court. The state of Michigan has a high rate of child suicide. Before the pandemic, the state legislature got a grant to research why child suicide is so high in the state. Parents concealed from their kids and teachers know why!

Children who have experienced this in their life tend to blame the mother or the protective parent for speaking out about the issues or the case and for not protecting them. Some children feel their mother abandoned them, not realizing her hands were tied. These children do not realize their mother did everything she could and no one would help. If anyone helps a protective parent, child protective services will show up at their door with false allegations of abuse, take their kids, or a relative’s kids to get them to comply. Mother's, fathers, children, therapist, and family members have no clue that no touch torture is being used. The torture technique used is called mobbing. This is when several people work together to cause mental harm.

Mothers and sometime fathers leave their abusers and get tortured in family court.

Can you image leaving your abuser so you and your children can be in safety and instead the courts allow you to be torture by your abusive partner and the courts!!!! Protective parents get excited when a new person who contract with the courts thinking they are going to help. That person will either turn on them or change their original statements. The protective parent is happy a therapist is put in the case. Then the therapist back tracks their statements and reports. These protective parents cannot do anything right by the court contractors because they have made the protective parent a target. In order to keep investigators off their trail that they sold the abusive parent custody, they need to make the protective parent look bad. Making it appear the protective parent was to blame, will keep others from investigating the contractors for not doing their job and the sale of custody.

To top it off, protective parents are sent for psychological testing with a contracted court psychologist. The protective parent is given a false diagnosis. The abusive parent will use the made up diagnosis to show the children and make them believe the protective parent is the mentally disturbed parent.

The abusive parent gets custody and the protective parent is sent for supervised visitations.

The courts know what they are doing. The contractors will send a protective parent for supervised visitations, if they are afraid the protective parent will take the kids and run. A parent knowing their kids are being abuse and will be living in hell with the abusive parent will get desperate and run with their children. Why else would a judge order a protective parent for supervised visitations when the abusive parent was never sent ordered to do so.

The court contractors want the abusive parent to continue to torture the protective parent at the exchanges and help to wear them down. Imagine how a protective parent feels after no one would help to protect them and their children and now they are sent for supervised visitations. At this point the protective parent is sure that the system is rigged.

Parents who experience this torture tend to blame all men or women as abusive.

The reality is the money torture scheme by the family court, is to blame. No one is aware that no touch torture known as “mobbing” is even happening until now. When no agency would help a protective parent and friends and relatives shunned them, trust issues are created. The people who you needed the most abandoned you so abandoned issues are created as well. Protective parents are always reading between the lines of what someone is telling them and they are always waiting for someone to turn their backs on them.

Sometimes these tortured parents have less emotions and safeguard themselves from relationships. A partner can leave the relationship and it will not even phase these tortured parents. You just cannot rip the heart out of a parent whose heart has already been ripped out.

Parents who are not trying to keep their children from the other parent or “win” custody are concealed from their kids.

A parent not willing to torture the other parent does not make the court contractors extra money. The contractors will try and force the parent to want to torture the other parent and spend money to get visitation and custody of their children. This will make the contractors more money. If parents do not fight, then the contractors do not care about the children or the parents right to see each other. These parents will blame the opposite sex and the opposite sex will become an object to use for gratification and getting needs met. These parents feel why bother being a good partner, they will just get used in the end so why not just use others first.

Therapist can not even imagine these things are taking place in the family court system.

Only specialized therapist recognizes torture techniques. Most of the torture training has nothing to do with no touch torture. It took a mother who has a mental health degree to figure out that torture was even being used in family court. Please make sure your therapist is aware of this site and get some knowledge of no touch torture to help you with therapy. Rest assured any of the therapist that have advertised with Torture Trauma Therapy, are aware of what is taking place in family court.

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