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Online Therapy Creating Change You May Not Know About

Psychology Help has dozens of therapists specializing in co-parenting counseling. Affordable than traditional offline therapists, and with their questionnaire, they are able to match you far better than you’d be able to be matched with a therapist offline.

Sessions are far more flexible and convenient.

Larkr offers video talk therapy for $85 a session, with no subscription or commitment. Uses artificial intelligence to match you with a therapist based on the info you provide. The site also has a self-care interface that you can use for free before you sign up. You can do stuff like mood tracking, journaling, and the data gathered from that aids in finding you the right therapist. You can call or text your therapist between sessions, the sessions themselves are live!

They have therapists who live in many time zones, enabling you to reach out to someone at any time of the day or night.

BetterUp coaching program provides executive coaching, live group sessions, and other resources to improve professional leadership with measurable results. The first whole person platform. Clients can work on their personal growth as well, including parenting and relationship challenges and backed by science.

Prince Harry came aboard as its chief impact officer.

Increased demand for services happened during the pandemic. Managers had to meet new and unexpected challenges such as managing a remote workplace, balancing the mental health needs of employees, and maintaining productivity. Managers reached out to BetterUp.

Real saw that "radical change" was needed in the mental health care system. The site offers on-demand online individual and group therapy, with a reasonable price point of monthly payment plans that start at $28. It’s a mental health membership.

Helps you understand yourself and your needs.

Weekly events cover topics like attachment styles in relationships and how your body reacts to trauma. Therapist-led roundtables unite members with similar experiences or backgrounds, including LGBT members and new parents.

Investors include actress and entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow, soccer star Megan Rapinoe, and NFL all-pro Eric Kendricks, as well as the VC firms Forerunner Ventures, Female Founders Fund, BBG Ventures, G9 Ventures, and SoGal.

Spring Health many companies offer mental health benefits for workers in the form of employee assistance programs (EAP) including a mix of counseling, confidential assessments, psychiatric referrals, and other tools.

When employees reach out for help, there’s a high likelihood they’ll become confused or frustrated by the process and not find the support that they need.

Brightline is a combination of virtual school. Isolation from peers, and the stresses of living in a time of uncertainty created a mental health crisis for young people during the pandemic.

Built for kids and teens and there for parents. They help families thrive even on the go. The company connects patients with therapists, coaches, and psychiatrists. It also provides on-demand chat and speech therapy.

Because of state licensing requirements for therapists, the services are only provided in certain states.

MindMed is a biotech company that is working on psychedelic treatments and therapies to address ADHD, depression, PTSD, and other conditions. They are exploring the clinical use of psychedelic drugs. The stigma associated with psychedelic drugs has been an obstacle for the company.

Boast they are the leader in mind health.

TalkSpace has a self-guided app with a mental health library, free mental health test and more for things like anxiety and depression.

You can also connect the services with your Alexa.

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