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Mothers Are Losing Custody.

Because custody is being sold!

Mothers have a protective instinct to protect their young. In order to get the children from the mother, the mother needs to be worn down. To do this the court will allow an abusive father to torture her and they fail to protect her. By failing to protect her they allow her to be tortured. ​

If you go into court and you leave with your head spinning, know that is a sure sign something is not right. The judge will twist the law and the circumstances leaving you dazed and confused. This is part of the no touch torture technique they use. You are a smart and intelligent person and you know when something is not right. ​

Women used to have Personal Protection Orders (PPO) and the abusive man would never be held accountable. If he is, it might be a $50 fine he receives after several violations of the order. Now the courts won't even give out the orders because it just makes things more difficult for everyone working in the system. ​

Guardian Ad Litems (GAL) are placed into the case. Several of these GALs are the middle man for selling custody. If the father makes a lot of money, they it is their opportunity to sell custody and make extra cash.​

The court needs the father to continue his abuse (torture) and wear the mother down along with the courts. Eventually no matter what the mother does, it will be viewed as wrong. This is done so if anyone investigates the case, which means reading the motions, it will appear the mother should lose custody. This will keep the eyes off of the court employees and keep the focus on the mother. Once she is worn down, the time is right for giving the father custody. All finances have been disposed of, she is tired and exhausted, and she shows signs of physical or mental health issues. ​

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