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Missouri Custody Scheme

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

March 2021 PJ Media wrote an article on 31 Judges Recuse Themselves On Guardian And Psychologist Scheme. Deanna Kloostra, a high conflict divorce coach, has been talking about her case in Grand Rapids, Kent County Michigan since 2013. She claims that the GAL and her spouse, the Vice President of a bank sold custody to her former spouse. You see the former spouses divorce attorney's law firm was in the bank. So the GAL, her spouse, Deanna's former spouse, and his attorney all just met in the back of the bank where they could not be seen. Deanna has the same diagnosis as the mother in the article above. They were both diagnosed as sociopaths.

Deanna ran for Kent County Commissioner in 2012. She started talking about the elections being rigged at that point. There was some computer glitch on the results of the election as well.

In December of 2020 Deanna realized that the family court was using torture tactics to sell custody and make some extra cash. You can read her article but you have to be a member of her Miz Liberty Patreon account. Deanna got tired of people using her research and not giving her credit. She states that people just want to talk bad about her and tell everyone she is crazy, but she keeps exposing corruption. Deanna is also exposing that the civil court is illegal.

Now that the Missouri case has been exposed moms are emailing PJ Media and talking about their cases of corruption as well. A week after the article came out, PJ Media stated they are not getting response from the legislature that is to be overseeing the issue. They actually called out the politician and let him know they are watching him.

If you want the motion filed against the psychologist, Motions 4 Sale, Deanna's blog has the motion. Make sure to check out Deanna's Resource page on her blog. She has created so many resources for the issues dealing with family court. When she could not find anyone to help children who wanted to commit suicide because of family court, she created a blog. So Unloved In Custody I'd Die Everyday (SUICIDE)

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