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Is The San Jose Railroad Shooting Truth Being Covered Up?

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

How can a divorce coach write an article about a railroad shooting in San Jose, California? Because she has been investigation a railroad in Michigan, where her former spouse works. Divorce coach Deanna Kloostra does her own research and then releases her information into the community. Sometimes it takes a few days for her information to start coming to life and sometimes it takes a few years but be assured, eventually it comes to life and the truth comes out.

Deanna discovered that her former spouse was sold custody of her children in Grand Rapids, Michigan. At that point she started investigating his employer, the railroad. The railroad is tied in tightly with the government. It is well known that human smugglers use the railroad, as you cannot see inside the cargo. So let’s learn about the railroad and you will learn more about the Jan Jose shooter and that maybe what you are being told by the bought media, is not true, but a covering of their tracks.

Deanna’s former spouse works for the railroad and moved up in the company once he got custody of the kids. Deanna had a personal protection order against her former spouse. According to Michigan domestic violence laws, abusive parents are not allowed to have custody, let alone unsupervised visitations. The abusive father was never given supervised visitations and the judge who signed the personal protection order gave him custody of the children by the recommendation of the Guardian Ad Litem (GAL), the judge brought into the case. Several years later Deanna discovered that the GAL was married to the Vice President of a bank. This is the same bank where Deanna’s former spouses divorce attorney’s law firm resided. So, the GAL and her spouse met in the back of the bank with Deanna's former spouse and his divorce lawyer and they arranged to sell custody and conceal the kids from Deanna.

Deanna has not taken this lightly and has publicly gone after these dishonest actors. In December 2020 Deanna realized the family court is using torture tactics on parents and children and the site Torture Trauma Therapy was crated. Anna and Deanna met at a park. Anna wanted to expose the corruption, but does not want to be public. Anna writes articles for the blog and the two women share information that Anna puts together to write the articles.

Deanna was able to make the connection of family court using torture tactics because she has a bachelor’s degree in human services and works in the mental health field. Deanna coaches high conflict divorce cases and provides free coaching to anyone with her former judge. Check out the Facebook page Victims Of Judge Gardner Blog. Make sure you see blog at the end of the page because there is a knock off page.

Before we get into Deanna’s research, check out The site used to have a section where people could comment about the business. Last year Deanna came across a post on the site where a wife stated that her and her spouse were getting divorced because of the meetings that happen with CSX. She stated that at those meetings drugs, sex and worse were going on. Because of this, they were getting divorced after an 18-year marriage.

Deanna says, “I always felt that something was going on like the book, The Firm.”

The book was turned into a movie and Tom Cruise played the main character. The story was about a husband who starts a new position at a company. The company sets up sex encounters on business trips and then the company takes pictures and then uses them to blackmail the husband.

Deanna says her former spouse bought a house while they were still married. She believes he thought he was going to get custody then. They when he did not get custody, he sold the house back to the owners. The house went to Sheriff sale and by then her former spouse purchased the house again and moved the children into the home where they finished growing up. She discovered this information by a client where she worked. They researched the information and give it to Deanna. Her ex never mentioned buying a house in the divorce, so does Deanna own part of that house???

Deanna started looking at surrounding businesses to the rail yard in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

She discovered that a tunnel next to the rail yard was owned by another railroad, Georgia Pacific. You see, Michigan mines gypsum which makes tunnels under the ground. There are storage units in those tunnels. Deanna said she has never gone down them for fear she may never come back up. She said there are garages under buildings that have an opening to the tunnels. Most residents do not realize the extensive tunnels under the city and beyond. This makes it perfect for human trafficking to go on. Michigan is first or second in human trafficking. If you follow the human trafficking trail you will notice that human trafficking goes from Chicago to Holland Michigan. Then it breaks off and goes to Kalamazoo and over to Detroit or from Holland to Grand Rapids, Lansing, and then Detroit. Once at Detroit they gather back up and go to Ohio, and then most likely to New York.

Deanna discovered that a scrap yard next to the rail yard has an incinerator. She learned that people believe that a mob family owns the scrap yard. She was unable to find out which mob owns it. When Deanna accidentally discovered a former employee of the scrap yard, she was told he was fired for, “knowing too much.” He stated he knew that he was smelling burning flesh while he was working. This means they are disposing bodies in the incinerator.

Once Deanna’s former spouse got custody, he became a Yard Master. Deanna believes he is shuffling papers and making it look like there is legal product in the cargo trailers. Human trafficking, body disposing, and drug running through the railroad. Deanna has the trafficking connected from Michigan to Arizona.

What does all this information mean?

A train comes into the rail yard and at night the people being trafficked go into the Georgia Pacific owned tunnels, the dead bodies then go to the scrap yard to be incinerated, and the drugs go on semitrucks for the tunnels or highway. Nice operation, don’t you think!

Researching her former spouse's Facebook page led her to some interesting information.

When Deanna was a teenager, she was friends with her cousin’s girlfriend that had twins with him. They broke up and the cousin went to jail. She started seeing a new guy (who we will call Mitchel) and eventually got married and had more children. Towards the end of Deanna’s relationship with her cousin's baby momma (to keep it simply) Deanna's former spouse met the baby momma's spouse a few times. Mitchel was physical abusive to the cousin's baby momma and the marriage ended. These two men had only met a few times but had become friends sometime after both divorces. Deanna noticed that Mitchel and his friend were friends with her former spouse and his best friend.

While living in Michigan, Mitchel worked loading semis for a business. Deanna discovered that he moved to Arizona. Mitchel’s LinkedIn states he is a supervisor loading semitrucks. Makes you wonder on Sunday nights when no one is around if he is loading cargo to be shipped to Michigan. He also sold lights to the city of Mesa in Arizona, he got the contract to do so by his relative who was a government employee. You know that got Deanna’s interest, she has discovered so much corruption of these politicians.

In 2019 it was discovered that an Arizona attorney, who was a government employee, was human trafficking pregnant women from Malaysia. Paul Peterson was eventually indicted for human trafficking. Deanna stated that she just knew there was a connection between Mitchel and Paul Peterson. When she went back to read another article about Paul, it hit her, she dated Paul Peterson’s cousin when she was a teenager. She met him through Mitchel!!! There was her connection to the human trafficking. Upon further research she discovered that some of the Peterson family works for British Petroleum. Next thing you know, Prince Andrew was discovered on Epstein island. The gas company is owned by a British company.

Back to the San Jose California Shooting.

Deanna believes the railroad is trying to cover up that this man may have discovered what she discovered. They are making it look like the shooter was crazy to keep people from investigating what is really happening at the railroad. After reading this information do you feel like shooting up a railroad yard to??

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