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Human Trafficking Civil Courts (AKA Family Court, Protection Services, And Probate Court)

The Legislative Council and the legislature are one and the same in the Michigan constitution. Trickery is created by removing the word council to make readers think they are separate entities, they are not! When reading the constitution, one thinks of the council as a group of legislators and senators meeting to discuss laws. Citizens believe they are unable to go to these meetings, but most are not aware that the council exists and they can attend.

The Michigan Constitution states that the Legislative Council created the Civil Court, but it also states in Article III Section 2 that no branch shall exercise powers belonging to another branch.

So how does the Legislative Council create a judicial branch and have power over it and no one stops it?

When the Michigan Constitution was rewritten because of civil rights, the Legislative Council was created and snuck into the Constitution. Funding for the council was also established at that time. The Michigan citizens were duped when they allowed the government to allow gambling in their state. They figured if the proceeds went to education it would be ok. If citizens researched, they would find that the council is funded partly through the education funds.

The Federal Constitution states that the commission (aka county commissioners) is fraudulent. Why has no one stopped the commission then?

The Legislative Council runs the County Commissioners, who run the civil courts (family court, protection services, and probate court.) Department Of Health And Human Services (DHHS) who runs protective services, and the sheriff's department. Let's not forget the voting and the county Morgue. More on them later.

The legislature is controlling government businesses that parents are saying are not following the laws and no one can fix the system, change the laws, or even research how to fix the issues. Task forces are a joke! No one is ever arrested who have created substantial fraud.

The 2020 election sure did show us the true fraudulent election system.

If the election system is fixed, then the legislature has placed all the elected officials in government positions by false elections and the help of the governor. The legislature that makes the laws, can make sure laws do not get past that does not serve their purpose. So, in essence, everything is run by the legislature.

Elected officials that rule civil court, do not follow the laws.

Custody of children has been known to be sold to abusive parents who have money. The St Louis, Missouri Zoom video proved that the court contractors work together and will hide money to help another contractor being sued. Who would investigate this crime? The county sheriff? If the legislature was part of the sale of custody, which controls the sheriff department, then no investigation will take place. Bye bye kids.

If the parents take their case to the court of appeal, another nightmare begins.

The appeals court will remand the case back to the lower court where the parent or child is never made whole again for the wrong done to them. It's like a sheriff dropping the rape victim off at the rapist's house, after the sheriff's finding the crime was committed, so the rapists can fix their mistake.

If a court contractor was messing up the sale of custody of a child, the legislature can send out the protection agency with false allegations to take the children away from the contracted person. The contracted person would then step back and in their position to get their own children returned to them. Who would investigate this? The county sheriff who is run by the county commissioners, who runs the protections services who are all run by the legislature?

How does child custody get removed from a parent with no criminal charges?

The civil court is a monetary court, the system is based on money. Let's start with protection services. The business gets government incentives to take children from their parents. The system is setup, by the legislature to give incentives if children are adopted out. If the child is considered disabled, they get even more money. Most children taken from parents are given a mental disability diagnosis and put on medication, this gets the business more incentive money. (See Title IV the Social Security funds.)

If a psychiatrist diagnoses a child in foster care with a false diagnosis, who is going to investigate? Surely not the sheriff who is run by the commissioners, who was created by the legislature, who ……………………....

The kids taken on false allegations from good homes are placed into foster care homes.

If there are no homes to be placed in they go into behavioral health facilities with children who are charged with crime convictions such as stealing, killing, drug use, rape, and truancy. A lot of violence takes place in these facilities along with abusive employees who oversee the children. Children are moved with no notice, picked up, (usually in the middle of the night.) Items are thrown in a bag and most kids have no clothes and depend on the facility to get them some. These facilities are poorly managed and misbehaving children or children that have a facility manager that does not like them, the child will have few clothes and the ones they have are usually too small for them. At the age of 18 the system no longer gets paid to take care of the children and if a facility cannot find foster parents, because the child is aggressive, a caseworker will pick them up in the middle of the night and the children will be dropped off at a curb.

Want to file a complaint, guess who oversees the complaint?

The protection services business that is run by the county, who is run by the legislature, who creates the laws for the facilities. These facilities are non profit organizations that get Federal funds and private donations by rich donors who also might want to adopt. Rich donors do want kids who misbehave. If a caseworker gets a well behaved child into the system, they are easily adopted out. What happens to them after that? Well, we will leave that for you to figure out, but people who are trafficked are worth $300,000 a year to the person trafficking them. Just saying.

The civil court basically runs the same scheme.

There is always a middleman between the court and the person they are taking the family member from. The family court will use a guardian ad litem (GAL), the foster cases will use a caseworker, and the probate court will use a guardian. It’s not just children that are trafficked in civil court, but also the elderly.

One would never think the elderly are trafficked, but civil court has found a way.

Why would anyone want to traffick the elderly? Because they have lots of money! Once a guardian is placed into the case, the objective is to conceal them from the kids. Once they keep them from the kids, the assets are depleted. Millions of dollars are unaccounted and no one will hold them accountable. Why? Because you would report the crime to the protection services or the sheriff who is run by the county commissioners who is run by the legislature, who makes the laws.

If an advocate, parent, child, elderly parent should end up dead, guess where the body goes? To the county morgue, that is overseen by the county commissioners, who is run by the legislature, who makes the law for the ....................................................

Does this story sound familiar to you? It is kind of like the story of the women who swallowed the fly.

The system in a nutshell is a little nutty.

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