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How To Survive Being Tortured In Family Court

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

When someone is being tortured, knowing they are being tortured helps the person realize what is going on and not fall prey very easily to the information they are receiving. Simply knowing what they are doing to you makes you much less easy to fool. Once a technique is discovered by the protective parent, the technique loses its potency.

This article will provide you with techniques the court contractors use and techniques for enduring the torture inflicted on a protective parent when in the family court system. Some techniques used by family court contractors are:

Shock and awe! The protective parent will be shocked at the judges ruling. The judge might rule that the other parent who has admitted to sexually abusing a child has custody.

Manipulation of words. Sometimes the way words are written or spoken will suggest one thing, but the true meaning is something else.

Create uncertainty to induce fear. The court contractors do not want their victims to be able to guess what the judge will rule. The uncertainty and ambiguous language keeps parents guessing what will happen. If you are the type of person who does not like surprises, they will use this technique to the fullest.

Behavior training. When the court contractors are torturing a protective parent, they are training that parent like they might train an animal. They want the parent to respond emotionally to positive and negative reinforcement. When they get an emotional response out of you, they know the technique worked. You have been trained. Never show emotion when in court.

Hearsay information. Judges use this information from the abusive parent only. They do not want to hear what the protective parent has to say. If the protective parent should happen to have proof, the hearing will be canceled or set for another day and it will just magically disappears off the docket. They have to make the abusive parent appear to have “clean hands.”

Court ordered services. The judge will order a service into your case. The caseworker, therapist, psychologist, or parent coordinator will appear to be doing their job and going to help the protective parent. The court contractors will send a child protection service, with false allegations, to their home and remove the child/ren if they are helping a protective parent in any way. The court ordered service employee will not tell you that the protection service came to their home, instead they will lie on the stand, change reports, or retract a statement.

Anyone who can create unbearable pain, fear, and misery on a parent or child are pure evil.

Remember court contractors and the abusive parent are both torturing the protective parent. These people lack empathy, could be jealous, or hate the protective parent. Speaking out to others on social media or the press will make a judge retaliate for sure. They will even make up a reason to put a protective parent in jail.

The first thing to understand is the court is not about serving justice and the best interest of the child means the best interest of the court contractor's pockets.

Remaining aloof and staying quiet is sometimes the best skill to have when in direct contact with court contractors at a hearing. Protective parents need to play dumb and never tell the court contractors what you are planning on doing.

Protective parents need to know their weaknesses and their strengths.

Protective parents can be assured the torturers will know their type of personality. The Briggs & Myers free assessment online can help with a protective parent knowing their personality. Study your weaknesses and learn how to deal with them.

The military train their soldiers in meditation to withstand no touch torture.

Daily mediation should be practiced. Protective parents should learn to make their mind quiet and to go within. Protective parents can also recount their favorite song or a saying over and over in their head to stop the thoughts.

A grounding technique to use when a protective parent feels like they are in the Twilight Zone. To apply this technique sit quietly and look at an object. The parent should tell themselves what that object is. This will ground the protective parent that they are indeed in reality.

Speaking to the pain and making it your friend will remind you who you are and that you can endure this.

Victims must embrace the pain and realize there will be nobody to talk to who has gone through this pain and nobody can or will help. Others have already gone to the politicians, filed complaints, talked to the media, and went to see their political leaders that make the laws. Most protective parents are fighting alone. Lawyers are not on their side and are just in it for the money. Once the money is gone they are left standing by themselves.

Protective parents can create their own cheering team.

Protective parents have no one by their side and no one cheering for them. They can create their own cheering team with a team name, slogan, and a fun dance. Advocate Deanna Kloostra says she does this. Her team name is Team Deanna, her slogan is “Rock it again!” and her silly dance is the horse. If you ever see her doing the horse you will know she reached a goal or something positive happened in her life.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can be alleviated by reading the bible.

A tortured protective parent did not have the funds to get therapy. She started reading the bible and it would put her to sleep. She would wake up four hours later with scenarios running through her head. She would then start reading the bible until it put her back to sleep. She would sleep another four hours. This is how she got eight hours of sleep a night and eventually she quit waking up in the middle of the night.

When the protective parent ends up with health issues or mentally breaks down, the court contractors finish the sale of custody and the abusive parent is given custody of the kids.

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