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How Parents Are Tortured In Family Court

When mothers reveal domestic violence in their case, attorneys will try and keep her from talking about it and telling the judge. When women serve Personal Protection Orders (PPO) on their spouse or former spouse, they normally try to avoid being served or will try and fight the order. When they fail, they become even more violent. The judge will allow him to be violent, especially if he has more money than the mother. This is the perfect candidate for selling custody. The wear the mother "momma bear" down until she is exhausted and cannot fight anymore.​

When abusive fathers are allowed to torture their mother, they are allowed to also alienate the children from her. He will use tactics such as being the "fun" dad on his visits. He will allow the kids to do things and inappropriate things that mom will not. Typically, the oldest child is groomed to give information on mom because they can provide the most accurate information. This child is treated special and given special treatment when they provide this information. When they do not provide this information, love and special attention are withheld. The dad will put the children against each other and get them to misbehave when with the mother. Once they get custody, the children will see the true colors of the father. Physical and mental abuse will become the norm. At that point the children have two choices, to take on trauma bonding (Stockholm Syndrome) or commit suicide.

When fathers are not interested in taking their children from their mother, the courts do not make any extra money by selling custody. They will conceal the father to get him to go after the mother or spend money fighting. Eventually, they will allow him to purchase custody. ​

If a parent is not found to have harmed a child and no charges of harm have come about, there is no reason to conceal a child from a parent for more than 30 days. An investigation can be done in 30 days or less. Any more time than that and torture has been done. ​

It has now been proven in St. Louis, Missouri that this is happening. Judges, GALs attorneys, and Psychologist are part of this scheme.

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