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Guardian Ad Litems Putting False Information Into Court Records

As Torture Trauma Therapy sees family court and the situations that arise from the divorce process as torture, they have noticed a pattern. In divorce/custody cases, child protection cases, or probate cases there is always a middle person between the judge and the family. This could be so the judge keeps clean hands and if it was discovered custody was sold, protection services did illegal activities, or guardians in probate court did illegal activities the judges would look innocent.

The sale of custody by guardian ad litems.

Divorce Torture Coach Deanna Kloostra discovered her guardian ad litem (GAL) sold her former spouse custody of her children with the help of her husband. Can she prove this, no because she cannot get financial records and no one will investigate the case? If the case was investigated, they will go into the records and see false information place there by the GAL and believe she did not deserve to have custody of her kids. The case would be closed. Deanna wrote an article regarding the red flags of custody being sold. When one parent can do no right and the other parent is seen as a perfect parent you have a clear sign the parent, they are taking custody away cannot do anything right in the eyes of the GAL.

If a guardian sells custody of children, they will want to cover up their tracks.

How does one cover up their tracks in the family court system? First you make sure the party you are selling custody to looks good in court records. If anything has come to attention that they did dishonest things, they disappear. Next you want to twist anything the protective parent has done or is doing. The GAL will also make sure that the mobbing technique is in place. This is where several agencies are placed into the case by court contractors who fail to do their job. See previous written article on our site.

The sale of custody is completed by the parent having a false psychological diagnosis, sometimes given by the judge.

To top off all the information placed into the case, the parent is given a false diagnosis. Sometimes the judge does not even order a psychological evaluation by a contracted agency, the judge just practices psychiatry and diagnoses the parent with an order. Munchausen By Proxy is usually the number one judicial diagnosis.

To sell custody, the GAL must cover their tracks and keep all eyes off them.

If a protective parent has proof or documentation that a parent is abusive it is ignored. Fathers have admitted to sexually abusing their children and they are given custody. Just how the GAL blames the mom for that one is amazing. Win in a few minutes an investigator would stop looking into the case and would find no wrongdoing by a court contracted person.

Ever notice judges and court contracted employees do not take their spouse's last name?

This makes it harder to find the person's spouse and what kind of business they are in. Deanna’s GAL was married to the vice president of a bank. The same bank where her ex-spouses divorce attorney’s law firm was located. There have been GAL’s married to prosecuting attorneys, politicians, and the likes. If you are researching for custody being sold, you also must investigate all the people who contract with the courts and their spouses.

The middle person controls the court paperwork to keep the judge’s hands clean and keep others from investigating them.

Having a middle person between the judge and the victims was a good plan, but now that they are exposed, what do you think they will try to do next? Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

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