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Good Fathers Are Concealed From Their Children

The courts want you to fight!

Dads who are not interested in getting custody of the kids from the mother, eventually are concealed from their kids. This is to make the father want to fight for custody and therefore a sale can be made.

The people in the court have to have a good reason to give the father custody, and if there is no reason, they will conceal the kids to make him want to fight.

Good fathers cannot understand why they are concealed from their children. They watch the mother do horrific things to their children and the courts still view the mother as a fit parent.

Many of these fathers take their life because they do not understand they are being set up.

Statistics show that abusive fathers who go for custody win 72% of the time. It's not that they are winning, it's that they were allowed to torture the mother to wear her down and purchase custody.

Many fathers have sexually abused their children and it has been proven or the father has admitted to the allegations. He serves no jail time and he gains custody of the child. Now you know something is not right when that happens!

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