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Family Court Wants You To Blame Yourself For The Loss Of Custody.

Victims blaming is the name of the game! If the courts can get you to think that it was something you did to lose custody of your children, then you will not blame the courts. This way they will not have to worry about their safety and you will be more likely to cooperate with what they want you to do.

Victim blaming occurs when the victim is held entirely or partially at fault for the harm that befell them.

Parents that are taken advantage of by the family court system are blamed for the incidents that occur after the relationship and during the lengthy court involvement. The study of victimology seeks to mitigate the perception of victims as responsible.

Victimology is the criminology branch that studies the victims and analyzes a victim’s characteristics, role in the justice system, psychological state, and factors that increase their chance of being targeted. Studying victims are essential for developing effective deterrence methods because it helps criminologists better understand all the actors’ role in a crime. There is a greater tendency in family court to blame victims for their actions of losing custody, than blaming someone being physically, mentally, or financially abusive to the other parent or the child/ren.

Can the blame in family court be placed on the victim for not knowing the law?

Law is something you can find in a book or online. Law definitions, cases, and citations are all available at the use of a computer. To blame a victim for not know knowing the law is not possible.

Could it be that the victims are not aware of procedures of law?

Once again, the procedures of law are available using a computer online. Usually, a judge will set a procedure if one has not already been set forth in law, and the reason for the choice of the procedure is give.

Maybe victims do not understand manipulation well.

A court of law should not be about manipulation and a judge should be able to see that manipulation is taking place in a case and stop any such behavior with criminal actions.

So, the real blame should be placed on the system.

If a judge is not stopping manipulation, physical, mental, or financial abuse with criminal sanctions, the system is failing. Instead of studying the victim, maybe there should be a study on the process of how a system allows someone to be victimized by someone who is abusive. To make changes in family court, a law should be in place that if a judge is aware of crime or abuse taking place, the case is transferred to criminal court.

Abuse is not a crime, but torture is!

If therapist continue to use the word abuse, which is not a crime, and their clients continue to use the term, a judge will ignore the allegations. If the term “torture” is used and there are laws set forth for torture victims, then the judge can use that law to turn the case over to criminal court.

Generally, a prosecuting attorney will file a motion to be heard in a criminal.

The word “generally” is a term that means usually that is how the process works, but not always. Anyone can write a motion to be heard in criminal court by a judge with the crime code, terminology of the code, and facts to present to the judge. It is time to take domestic violence out of civil family court and place it where it belongs, in the criminal court under the torture laws.

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