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Corner Store Pharmacies With Licensed Therapist To Help With Customer’s Mental Health!

Did you know there is a mental health crisis in the United States? Stress, isolation, and the new norm has triggered new mental health issues and your local pharmacy could be helping. By addressing unmet mental health care needs for their customers. This will also increase the stores sales. Whoever thought of this idea is a genius. This is a win win for customers and the pharmacies in local communities.

Pharmacists can advise patients on recommendations and next steps to manage their conditions. They always can help customers with their concerns in person or over the phone. Pharmacist also recommend or refer customers to mental health services. With licensed therapist, they can now refer clients right at their store!

Customers can go to one place for a mental health appointment, pickup their medications, and get those few items they ran out of or forgot at the grocery store.

For customers who have a hard time with transportation, physical disability, or a lot of appointments, this will be a huge help to them. This service will end up with more people getting their needs met and lessen the burden on the mental health system. Not to mention that customers can pick up those few items they needed to get at the store.

Big pharmacy started adding licensed clinical social workers trained in mental health care in certain states and locations.

If you access the pharmacies MinuteClinics at select HealthHUB locations, customers can receive assistance. CVS Health's program offers in-person or virtual therapy sessions by appointment or to walk-ins. The services include mental health assessments, referrals, counseling, and personalized care plans. Many insurance plans cover these services.

For those without coverage, out-of-pocket costs range from $129 for an initial assessment to $69 for a half-hour session with many options in between.

Another big pharmacy connects patients with mental health care through its app. Customers can access in-person or online services through a variety of providers.

Mental Health First Aid Training is an eight-hour, in-person program that prepares pharmacists to identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders.

The program encourages pharmacists to leverage their role in the community to reach out to the patient's provider or connect them with appropriate care. Small independent pharmacies may lack the financial muscle to embed therapists in their stores or link patients to an app, but they have the clinical expertise to recognize and address unmet mental health needs.

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