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Children Are Committing Suicide Because Of Family Court

Children have two choices, suicide or Stockholm Syndrome (Trauma Bonding)

When abusive parents have custody, the protective parent is usually concealed from their children. The children never get a break from the constant abuse.

The children either want to commit suicide or they take on the Stockholm Syndrome so they can survive the horrible living conditions. Most children are diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Most parents are not aware of this but teachers are.

If a person abuses a dog, they go to jail. Abuse a kid and the courts will sell you custody if you have enough money!

Children as young as six are reporting they want to commit suicide because the courts are not protecting them. (Stated by an actual judge.)

If a child tells the courts they do not want to see the other parent, lie about the other parent, or show hatred towards them, the children are rewarded by the abusive parent. The children will take on the abusive parents fight to make their life easier. They see the courts or the child protection agencies will not protect them. If they fight against the abuser, they will go into a behavioral health facility and that can be just as much hell.

Sometimes the child will grow to hate the other parent for not protecting them. These children do not understand that the other parent may have been trying, but to no avail, no one would help them either. Studies and reports are ignored and the politicians do not want to make changes an effect the billion dollar a year business.

Parents have gone to the media and been ignored. They have learned to represent themselves once the money is gone and they are completely broke. Parents file complaints with every government agency imaginable and still no one will help. The parent usually commits suicide or ends up with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD).

So Unloved In Custody I'd Day Everyday (SUICIDE) was created to help children and parents concealed from their children.

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