Diagnosed With PTSD?

Because You Have Been Tortured!

Parents and children have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and many have sadly taken their own life. In order for the courts to sell custody, they have to make a parent appear that they deserved to lose custody. To do this they will make the person without the money to purchase custody the "bad parent." They allow the other parent to torture them along with the courts to torture them. This is known as no touch torture. 

Judges, Guardian Ad Litems (GAL) and Psychologist are all in this together.


No Touch Torture is the only explanation for parents and children getting PTSD by the court system.  

An article just came out about a custody selling scheme in Mississippi March 2021! 31 judges are recusing themselves. It is sad that parents believe these court employees and take their own life.


The best way to stay strong through all this is to know who you are and that you always put your children's best interest at heart. Stop listening to the lies and represent yourself. Foe therapy we suggest EMDR, CPT, DBT, PE

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