Torture Trauma Therapy


The family court system is our of balance and our political leaders do little to make it better. This is a billion dollar a year industry! Parents and children are being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Some parents and children take their own life because they cannot take the pain anymore. 


It was discovered in 2021, by an advocate with a behavioral health degree that the family court is using torture techniques on parents and children. Why else would people in the system be diagnosed with PTSD from the divorce process?   

Many therapist are not aware of the family court system and no one is aware of the torture techniques being used. Once a family has gone through the system, they are left emotional-less, penny-less, and sometimes family - less. 

We provide do it yourself therapies, therapist, and more. If a therapist is on our page, you know they are aware family court is using torture on parents and children!This has just been discovered so other therapist are not aware. 

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“This explains it all and why things go on in family court the way they do!” DK

“Never thought about the family court using torture techniques, but the information on this site sure looks like it is happening.” MM

“Billion dollar a year government torture system!” KS

“Torture, racketeering, and corruption at its finest. Government can’t do anything to improve it. Now you know why! It is making money off the people.” KJ

           Family Court Victims