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Torture Trauma Therapy


This site started because of the family court, then COVID happen and changes needed to be made. The site still talks about family court, but has turned more towards trauma and ways to help our visitors heal. We try to give free healing techniques when able. 

The information on this page is property of Torture Trauma Therapy and cannot be used without permission and is protected by copyright laws. If you would like to talk about family court using torture techniques, please get permission from us by using the contact page. Deanna Kloostra discovered the torture used by family court and we would like her hard research and work be recognized. 

It is our mission to help parents and children heal from the torture.


Our goal is to:

To write articles that will not only educate but heal the reader.  

Educate parents and therapist on the issue happening in family court.

Provide free information on therapies that can help with healing. 

​Provide ways for self-help because finances have been stripped.​

Stop parents and children from committing suicide.

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